Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

The beginning

OK - you may ask, why I choose the name "9 holy grails in a row" for this blog.

In August 2006 I found a pic of a display cabinet at Celebration 3 that showed nine "rocket firing" Boba Fett prototypes in a row.

Fascinated by this pic, I decided to post it in our german Star Wars Collecting forum called "Lichtgeschwindgkeit" and opted for the thread title "9 holy grails in a row".

As time goes by, I added more rare Star Wars collectibles, as other forum members did.

To make these "grails" available and easy to find for other collectors, I start this blog.

As it´s not always possible to verify the actual owner of these items, I´m not able to quote the actual owners of every single piece.

Please leave me a message if I added one of your items (and pic) without quoting your name.


Brian Hoover hat gesagt…

Hello, Fantastic site, well researched. Congratulations! I was hoping that you could add my site to you links section since we are both ostensibly Star Wars action figure web sites.

JP Lederer hat gesagt…

Nice site. Thank you for the info I've been looking for. I was led to believe the Tri Logo Figures weren't worth much. Now I believe otherwise!