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Complete set of Sears shrinkwrapped ESB MOCs

Complete set of Sears shrinkwrapped ESB MOCs

In 1980 and 1981, through their Christmas Catalogs, Sears Canada released a total of 7 "new" Empire Strikes Back figures in a variety of 7 and 4 packs (respectively). These figures were released in on a relatively bland, black backer card and were sealed to the cards by way of a vacuforming machine which gave them a shrink-wrapped look. Of all the 7 figures, Han Solo (Cloud City Outfit) was the only figure to be released in both a 1980 7-pack and a 1981 4-pack. This particular example is very interesting as it was released on a Dengar card and features a sticker over the Dengar name plate which reads Han Solo (Cloud City Outfit). The sticker itself is actually under the vacuform and not above it indicating that this was not an example of a miscarding. It is surmised that at some point during the production process of the 1981 Sears release of this Han Solo, the producers simply ran out of Han cardbacks and to save costs, used an overstock of Dengar cards and printed up new Han Solo (Cloud City Outfit) stickers to avoid any unsightly issues on character confusion. "Shane Turgeon"/


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I had the General Veers as a kid, I also had the more common AT-AT Commander. I used to pretend that General Veers had the power to become invisible as shown on his completely black "portrait" on his cardback.